The Road to an Amazing Moment

Welcome to Terre Haute Campground, located in Terre Haute Indiana.

The story of Terre Haute Campground actually began about 5 years ago less than 90 minutes away, when the owners of Camp Lakewood Campground, located in Effingham Illinois set out to expand their hearts to a new location. They discovered a gem, not far from home, formerly known as Terre Haute KOA Journey.

Meet the Owner & Family

Chet Kiefer has been a business owner since 1991 with his first business being a landscape company that is still successfully running today. He first got started in the campground business when a friend of his approached him regarding a campground that was facing some financial troubles. He used his business skills to help them turn the campground around and eventually him and another friend partnered up on this campground and went on to purchase Camp Lakewood in Effingham Illinois as well. After some time, it was apparent both of these men were going in different directions and soon decided to venture out separately, with Chet keeping sole ownership of Camp Lakewood Campground. Through lots of hard work and dedication, Camp Lakewood has now been successfully running for the past 5 years and is growing each year!

Chet, his wife Erica and son Kolin enjoy the camping business and decided to start looking at other campgrounds. That’s when they found Terre Haute Campground, formerly known as Terre Haute KOA Journey. They decided not to keep the Terre Haute Campground in the KOA organization to save on membership fees and instead use that money for maintenance and improvements, which they have been working on since the day of purchase. Even though they decided not to keep it in the KOA organization after the purchase, they still honor the KOA discounts and also offer a Good Sam discount as well.

Chet, Erica and Kolin have a desire to make this campground the best campground in Indiana and to provide exceptional customer service while still building the brand of their campground business. They have additional plans to add more campgrounds in the future! Their vision is to have multiple locations where people can visit in a clean, comfortable and relaxing environment while also providing many amenities for their guests to enjoy!

We invite you to visit us as well as visit our sister campground, Camp Lakewood in Effingham Illinois and enjoy all the amenities we have to offer. Our sister campground is just 70 miles West of Terre Haute Campground off of Interstate 70!

Chet, Erica & Kolin Kiefer